White tea

White tea is the least processed of all types of teas. They are characterized by a subtle complexity. its slightly fruity and sometimes floral character and its soft mouthfeel without bitterness. Some white teas, such as Silver Needle, can be almost colorless in the cup and very light in taste. Others are more reminiscent of very light black teas. The origin of white tea is Fujian Province in China, but high quality white tea is now also produced in Yunnan Province and elsewhere in the world. Our range includes a first-class white tea from Nepal.

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  • Baihao Yinzhen - Silver Needle


    Our Bai Hao Yin Zhen is a white tea from the original area of white tea, and is picked and produced entirely by hand. The tea consists of a very early harvest of the very finest buds. Authentic white tea is produced only in northern Fujian Province, and Bai Hao Yin Zhen is produced only in Zhenghe and Fuding areas, and…

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    Himalayan White


    Himalayan White is an organic white tea from the prestigious Jun Chiyabari farm, located in Hile, Nepal. The first harvest period of the year is referred to in the region as the first flush, and this extends over a longer period. Only the very earliest pickings during this harvest period are used to make Himalayan White. The manufacturing process follows the traditional...

  • Jasmine Silver Needle


    In Jasmine Silver Needle, a delicious organic Chinese tea consisting of only buds with the scent of jasmine flowers is paired and results in a delicate, velvety, refreshing and elegant jasmine tea. The picking takes place in early spring and only the coveted buds are used to make this tea. The fragrance setting during the summer and is done by the silvery, fluffy buds…

  • White Peony Rose


    White Peony Rose consists of a high-quality, hand-picked organic white tea that is flavored with real rose, also organic. The taste is soft and refreshing with a light, well-balanced florality. 70-80 c 2-3 grams 200ml 2-3 min

  • Yunnan Bai Mu Dan


    An organic white tea from Simao in the Yunnan province of China. It is harvested by hand at an altitude of about 1600 metres above sea level and the picking consists of one bud and one or two leaves. The flavour is light, round and clear with softly nutty notes and a subtle floral note. Other names: Yunnan Bai Mu Dan. Origin:...

With us you can buy organic white tea online or in our physical store in Stockholm. We are also wholesalers and supply tea to restaurants and retailers. White tea is excellent for kombucha as our teas are both organic and of very high quality. If you make tea in a bag (disposable filter), it is important that the bag is large enough so that the leaves can unfold properly. Tea has a large amount of antioxidants and is well known for being useful and healthy.