Below is a selection of articles and mentions in the press.
"If you are wondering where the kingdom's most noble grand cru teas are to be purchased - both naturally terroir-embossed and professionally flavored in the house's way - there is the answer at Odenplan."
Tomasz Smiarowski, Business of the Week
The restaurant world “They have invested in a well-selected range of first-class teas from China, Japan and the colonial British tradition. In the Mood for Tea are suppliers to several star restaurants in Stockholm, including Frantzén / Lindeberg. But Jonas Almberg believes that you do not have to be a star restaurant to aim a little higher in terms of the tea range. However, you should spend some time learning more about management. It can be about getting better at everything from the right temperature and crockery to learning more about which tea is suitable for a certain type of food. ”
restaurant World
"World-class Chinese teas for hard-core fans are sold here"
Petter Bjerke, author of Te - from sencha to lapsang

“As with the most dedicated enthusiasts, there is no need to condemn or excel. It's not necessary. Chinese teas speak for themselves. Or whisper, or rather, because they require the sensitivity of the drinker. Discovering the aromas of suede, manure, lychee, hyacinth and scents you for the life of you can not describe during a tea tasting is as revolutionary as the first time you drank a really fine wine. The flavors are distinct, but the words are missing ”
Lisa Driver Winbladh,
"I highly recommend a visit to this wonderful tea environment for tasting various teas; I promise you will be inspired to start drinking tea"
Susanne Berglund Krantz, Livets Goda Nr 31, 2008

“In the Mood for Tea at Odenplan has the most radical range of tea shops I have visited. Here, China is in focus. This tea trade offers a well-chosen range of each of the six types of tea that make China difficult to surpass as a tea country. ”
Dag Hermelin, Gourmet No. 2, 2008
“The delicacy walk goes from Söder to Vasastan. From the Rolls-Royce of the tea world to licorice school with sea salt ”
Get a taste of Stockholm, Metro Stockholm
“At In The Mood For Tea, you only buy your Chinese teas after a little tea ceremony and a lecture on how to brew oolong. The vacuum-packed range is fantastic right through, and everything gets much better from the context that the clerks offer. ”
101 things to love about summer Stockholm. Stockholm City
“Sofia Roger and Jonas Almberg import tea directly from farms, especially in China. Many of them grow completely organically. In addition to over-the-counter sales, they also deliver tea to some of Stockholm's best restaurants. ”
Swedish daily newspaper
“There are certain businesses / companies / stores that are outside both my expertise and my regular interests, but which reveal such incredible competence and commitment that I can not help but be fascinated and at best also interested in what they are so passionate about. for. In the Mood for tea is just such a place. ”

“China has both breadth and depth, and a tradition that stretches back several thousand years. In China, the tea culture is deeply rooted in the culture. ”

“There I get to smell and ask how much I want from the teas that they themselves import and select. There they even sell kettles that heat the water to exactly the right temperature, all to highlight the aromas and textures of the different teas. Previously, I was referred to the occasional green teas that were in Sweden, or what I could take with me when I traveled abroad. But now, now everything is at my fingertips! ”
"Our ambition is to offer the best teas not the largest range"
Journal Chocolat No. 2, 2008

“People who live here are aware of quality, both in terms of life and what they consume. We are very happy that the people of Vasastad have taken us in. ”
We in Vasastan