In the Mood for Tea

We specialize in high quality organic tea from the world's leading tea traditions, with a focus on small scale and craftsmanship. The range is carefully selected in order to highlight the main representatives of the different traditions and our teas are complex, clean, distinct, lively and long in the mouth. In our online store you can buy the same first-class loose weight teas online as in our physical store at Norrtullsgatan 9 in Stockholm. We cooperate with a large number of organic farms, many of which are certified according to organic EU standards. In the Mood for Tea are organically certified importers, which means that we certify teas directly from the farm

If you are wondering where the kingdom's most noble grand cru teas can be purchased - both naturally terroir-influenced and professionally flavored in the house's way - the answer is at Odenplan.

Tomasz Smiarowski


There are certain activities that are outside both my expertise and my regular interests, but which reveal such incredible competence and commitment that I can not help but be fascinated and at best also interested in what they are so passionate about. In the Mood for Tea is just such a place.


World-class Chinese teas for hard-core fans.

Petter Bjerke


A selection of teas

In the Mood for Tea 15th Anniversary

699 kr

Origin: Fengqing Elevation above sea level: about 2000m…

Traditional Tie Guanyin

159 kr589 kr

Our Traditional Tie Guanyinär an exquisite version…

Si Ji Chun, Charcoal Roasted

179 kr499 kr

Si Ji Chun or Four Seasons oolong…

Si Ji Chun

179 kr499 kr

Si Ji Chun or Four Seasons oolong…

Shui Xian Charcoal Roasted Black Tea

179 kr499 kr

Shui Xian grown in Taiwan is…

Keemun Maofeng

85 kr149 kr

Keemun is one of China and the world's

Keemun Hao Ya A

139 kr259 kr

Keemun is one of China and the world's

Shui Xian Water Sprite

179 kr499 kr

Shui Xian Water Sprite grown in…

Jasmine Maojian

75 kr269 kr

Jasmine Maojian is an organic Chinese green…

Jasmine Silver Needle

89 kr339 kr

In Jasmine Silver Needle a delicious pair paras


119 kr469 kr

Balyocha is a semi-oxidized Korean tea with…

Tie Guanyin Charcoal Roasted

129 kr489 kr

Our Tie Guanyin Charcoal Roasted is a…