Darjeeling Samabeong 1st Flush


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This is an organic First Flush Darjeeling from Samabeong, one of Darjeeling's highest tea farms, with plantations at over 2000 meters above sea level. The farm is located in the northeastern part of Darjeeling, in the Kalimpong district and benefits from the area's mild and humid microclimate.

This batch consists of an exclusive picking that is harvested by hand in early spring from the farm's highest farms. For a first flush darjeeling, the first step in the production - the withering - is more pronounced, and it is this step that results in the light, green character that characterizes these teas. Our Darjeeling Samabeong First Flush has a delicate, well-balanced and refreshing taste palette with a classic darjeeling character with tones of fresh greenery, lemongrass, mango and chrysanthemum.

Origin: Darjeeling, India. Harvest: First Flush, 2021.

  • 85-90 c
  • 2-3 grams
  • 200ml
  • 2-3 min

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