Shui Xian Water Sprite


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Shui Xian Water Sprite grown in Taiwan is a difficult tea to obtain due to small harvest and insect infestation.
Shui Xian has a large body, with a light floral tone and fine depth.
The award-winning farmer, Mr Chang, insists on sustainable agriculture and no pesticides and herbicides are used. They process
weeding, harvesting and manual processing. Mr. Chang's tea is more oxidized than regular farmers
for a more round taste and aroma.

Origin: Bai Gu Da Shan, Taiwan
Harvest: spring 2024
Elevation above sea level: 1300 m
Cultivar: Shui Xian

Conventional preparation
  • 90-95 c
  • 2-3 grams
  • 200ml
  • 2-3 min
Chinese preparation
  • 90-95 c
  • 4-6 grams
  • 200ml
  • 30-60 seconds
  • Repeat the infusion several times

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