Japanese matcha is not like other teas, it differs in that the tea leaves are ground into a fine-grained powder. The leaves are not filtered off either, instead the matcha powder is whipped into a frothy, chlorophyll green drink. The taste is almost overwhelmingly full-bodied, rich in umami and algae tones, very different compared to other types of tea.

The tea leaves that are ground into matcha powder are called "Tencha" and are protected from the sun in the last weeks before harvest, which enhances the taste as well as the levels of chlorophyll and other nutrients. When you drink the tea leaves yourself, the body also absorbs large amounts of nutrients, such as are otherwise filtered out with the tea leaves - vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, antioxidants, theanine and caffeine.

In Japan, matcha is the most exclusive type of tea, the star of the mythical tea ceremony dating back to the 16th century. In addition to enjoying the matcha tea whipped as by the tea masters, it is excellent as a seasoning and decoration in pastries, desserts and dishes. Mix in the dough, the panna cotta, sprinkle over the vanilla ice cream or the steamed halibut, only the imagination sets limits.


You might think that cooking matches is extremely complicated if you follow the tea ceremony's complex ritual - but it's actually easy to get started with a regular whisk and a deep bowl. At the same time, it is just as easy to be seduced by the aesthetics and craftsmanship of handmade bamboo pairs and beautifully raku-burnt match bowls.

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