Jasmine Silver Needle


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In Jasmine Silver Needle, a delicious organic Chinese tea consisting of only buds with the scent of jasmine flowers is paired and results in a delicate, velvety, refreshing and elegant jasmine tea. The picking takes place in early spring and only the coveted buds are used to make this tea. The fragrance is set during the summer and is done by letting the silvery, fluffy buds rest together with fresh jasmine flowers. This process is repeated several times, each time with new batches of fresh flowers, and means that the tea is saturated with delicious jasmine aromas. This is an exceptional jasmine tea with a velvety roundness, clear and pure taste and a lovely florality that is maintained during many infusions.

  • 70-80 c
  • 2-3 grams
  • 200ml
  • 2-3 min

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