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This Rougui is, like our other rock teas, a Zheng Yan Cha which means that it grows in the area of Wuyi which is known for its mineral rich soil and is therefore also considered to produce the best Wuyi oolongs. The excellent soil, a fine picking and a skilled craft with i.a. a traditional charcoal roasting has resulted in a fantastic Rougui. The farm has also won the farmers' local competition in the Rougui category. The taste is round, full-bodied and has a fine structure with hints of spiciness, softly roasted tones, minerals and an elegant florality. The very long aftertaste is noticeable and the tea leaves can handle a very large number of infusions. We recommend that this tea be prepared in a yixing jug.

  • 90-95 c
  • 4-6 grams
  • 200ml
  • Make a first quick rinse with hot water
  • 10-50 seconds
  • repeat several times

Origin: Wuyi, Fujian. Harvest: Spring 2017. Cultivar: Rougui.