Wild Rooibos Ginger Lemon


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Our wild-grown, organic rooibos from Cederberg in South Africa is combined here with genuine lemon oil from Calabria in Italy, organic ginger and ginger oil. The rooibos is harvested by hand from wild-growing bushes, something that is unusual today when most of the rooibos sold is commercially grown. The cooperative we work with has both cultivated and wild rooibos, and we chose the wild one because it has a completely different depth and length of flavour. Rooibos, like tea, contains a significant dose of antioxidants, but unlike tea, it has no caffeine whatsoever, making it a great evening tea. Wild Rooibos Ginger Lemon has a round and smooth flavour where the nectar-like notes of the rooibos tea harmonise nicely with the fresh citrus and ginger.

  • 95 c
  • 2-3 grams
  • 200ml
  • 3-4 min

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