Green tea

Green tea consists of tea leaves that have not oxidised and thus retain their fresh, green character. This is achieved by rapid heating just after harvesting, either by roasting or steaming. The character is lighter and fresher than that of the oxidised teas. In China, green teas are usually roasted while Japanese teas are usually steamed. The difference in flavour can be significant - Chinese teas are usually light and fresh while Japanese teas exhibit more umami like richness. Both types are wonderful as mealtime drinks, both hot and cold. They bring out the subtlety of elegant ingredients but can also complement powerful and chilli-hot dishes. They have a natural flavour from their origin, nuances from soil, climate, tea plant family tree and age. This requires the grower to harvest the leaves at exactly the right moment and treat them gently, with great craftsmanship. Our main task is to seek out tea plants from the world's most unique tea environments, organically grown by dedicated and conscious tea makers.

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With us you can buy organic green tea online or in our physical store in Stockholm. We are also wholesalers and supply tea to restaurants and retailers. Green tea is excellent for kombucha as our teas are both organic and of very high quality. If you prepare our green teas in a bag (disposable filter), it is important that the bag is large enough so that the leaves can unfold properly. Green tea has a large amount of antioxidants and is well known for being useful and healthy. If you are pregnant and want to reduce your caffeine intake, you can try Hojicha as it only contains small amounts of caffeine.