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In the Mood for Tea seeks organic tea from the best harvest periods and the main areas, made on a small and artisanal scale. We cooperate with farms that grow completely without pesticides and fertilizers, some of which are also certified according to organic EU standards. On this page, we have collected all teas that are certified according to organic EU standards. NOTE! Most of our teas that are not organically certified are also grown without pesticides and fertilizers. For example, we do not always certify teas made on a certified organic farm. In addition, we have teas from farms that grow without pesticides and fertilizers but do not hold a certification.

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With us you can buy organic tea online or in our physical store in Stockholm. We are also wholesalers and supply tea to restaurants and retailers. Our organic teas are also excellent for high quality kombucha as our teas are both organic and of very high quality. The properties that characterize high quality tea also make an impact in kombucha. If you prepare ours oolong in a bag (disposable filter) it is important that the bag is of large size.