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Bai Mu Dan Wang


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Bai Mu Dan Wang is an organic white tea from Fuding, one of the five areas in northern Fujian Province that is the origin of white tea, and the tea is made from the traditional subspecies Da Bai Hao. The pick for this quality consists of bud and two leaves, which are harvested by hand in early spring around the time of the Qing Ming Festival. Since white tea is the least processed of all types of tea, terroir and picking proportionally have a greater impact on the finished tea. The silvery buds and the dark green leaves give a clear infusion with soft nutty tones, a light fruitiness and a clean and clear taste.

Other names: Yunnan Bai Mu Dan. Origin: Simao, Yunnan.

  • 70-80 c
  • 2-3 grams
  • 200ml
  • 2-3 min

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