In the Mood for Tea

We are looking for exceptional teas from the world's leading tea traditions. We focus on creating long-term relationships with selected farms and producers and reward quality, small-scale and sustainable agriculture. Our range consists of a selection where we personally select each tea with the same care and uncompromising standard. Our teas are lively, clean and long in the mouth and to preserve these properties we handle them with the utmost care.

At a time when we are flooded with advertising and everyone uses words such as quality, expertise, ecology and craftsmanship for marketing purposes, we have since the store opened let the teas speak for themselves. We are happy and grateful for the ever-growing crowd that finds and listens to them. In the Mood for Tea is run by the couple Jonas Almberg and Sofia Roger. They follow in the footsteps of Jonas' great-great-grandfather, a traveling tea merchant towards the end of the Qing Dynasty. Jonas, whose mother is Chinese, was born in Hong Kong