Jasmine tea

Genuine jasmine tea is the original reference all flavored teas have to compare with.
One of the few flavored teas that are not spiced with oils and essences but with real, freshly picked flowers. The theme maker's work with high quality jasmine tea really requires a lot of time and craftsmanship. The jasmine flowers should be picked at exactly the right moment and spread over the tea leaves at exactly the right time. This is often repeated in several rounds with new, fresh flowers to develop a complete scent, as in our Jasmine Silver Tips and Jasmine Pearls Teji. In addition to the aroma setting, it is crucial that the tea itself is of high quality, of a character that marries the jasmine aromas.

Jasmine tea broke through during the Song Dynasty (960-1279) and is still just as popular. Quenching thirst in the heat, warming in the cold and most often meal drinks. Jasmine tea is made for food. Light and elegant, but with aromas that can match strong spices and heat. Perfect for Chinese and Asian cuisine but also for much more, Swedish fish dishes, sweets, desserts, why not the cream cake with strawberries? Also wonderfully refreshing cooled, cold brewed and as iced tea.

As with all flavored teas, you should be careful with jasmine tea in unglazed teapots, as the aromas can settle in the clay and affect the brewing of other teas.

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With us you can buy organic tea online or in our physical store in Stockholm. We are also wholesalers and supply tea to restaurants and retailers. Green tea is excellent for kombucha as our teas are both organic and of very high quality. If you prepare our green teas in a bag (disposable filter), it is important that the bag is large enough so that the leaves can unfold properly. Tea has a large amount of antioxidants and is well known for being useful and healthy.