The tea tradition in Sri Lanka has revolved around the British and thus consists mainly of black teas. The small country has built up a huge production, mainly of black teas with a neutral, full-bodied character. Good for being mass production but maybe not so exciting. What not many people know, however, is that here you can also find incomparably elegant teas. The producers on the island who really want to create something out of the ordinary, have fantastic conditions. Many suitable mountain areas around 2000 meters and very concentrated knowledge and research in a small area. After many years of mass production, the production of quality teas is now increasing with a focus on craftsmanship and unique flavors. Here we have found some of the most elegant, black teas - clear, distinct and well-balanced.

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    Castle Hill OP


    Castle Hill OP is a black tea from Sri Lanka (Ceylon) Sri Lanka divides its teas into low grown, mid grown and high grown. Castle Hill Garden is located in Kandy, an area that grows mid-grown teas. This is a Ceylon tea that has both a fresh taste with hints of citrus,…