Indian tea

India is the world's largest producer of black teas. Indian tea has its origins in a tradition of strong black teas that can also be drunk with milk and iblland with Indian spices. In the regions of Assam and southern Nilgiribergen, we have contact with skilled theme makers on farms that create teas with a more classic black character, but with unique shades.

At the same time, we find among Indian teas something reminiscent of the opposite - the unique teas that have long been famous for their subtle, elegant shades - the Darjeeling teas.

We have a collaboration with a number of organic farms for which we also have agencies in Sweden.

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With us you can buy organic black tea online or in our physical store in Stockholm. We are also wholesalers and supply tea to restaurants and retailers. Black tea is excellent for kombucha as our teas are both organic and of very high quality. If you prepare our teas in a bag (disposable filter), it is important that the bag is large enough so that the leaves can be unfolded properly. Tea has a large amount of antioxidants and is well known for being useful and healthy.