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Natural decaffeinated black tea does not exist because caffeine is a natural ingredient in the leaves of cameliia sinensis. The decaffeinated options available in the market also actually contain a small amount of caffeine. The level of caffeine varies greatly between different subspecies and cultivars of tea. Camellia sinensis assamica, for example, contains more caffeine than camellia sinensis sinensis. If you are pregnant and want to reduce the amount of caffeine but still drink tea, we therefore recommend black teas from China. Thin leaves contain more caffeine than ripe leaves. Perhaps the biggest reason why black tea contains more caffeine than other teas is that black tea is normally prepared at a higher temperature and for a longer period of time. More caffeine can therefore be released. Black tea is just as good as green or white tea but contains slightly smaller amounts of active antioxidants. With us, you can buy organic black teas in bulk that are excellent for kombucha. High-quality organic black teas give kombucha an even better taste.